Reduce tension through direct dialogue:Pentagon to India,China

Reduce tension through direct dialogue:Pentagon to India,China

She told the Rajya Sabha that while China was saying India should withdraw its troops from Doklam for negotiations to begin, India is saying that both countries should withdraw their troops. She also said that India is in favour of a peaceful solution to the problem at Doklam.

"The larger battle is essentially about strategic competition for geopolitical space and influence in Asia between India and China", said Nirupama Rao, who served as India's ambassador to China and retired as the government's top-ranking diplomatic official. The Bhutanese agree and insist that the Chinese should not only stop constructing the road, but also withdraw their soldiers from what they affirm is their territory. On Thursday, at a meeting in Geneva, India presented the paper and argued that the current WTO agreement on agriculture contains a major asymmetry as it allows developed countries access to enhanced support and sought its removal as a pre-requisite for talks on reforms for subsidies provided in the domestic markets.

Bishop urged a peaceful resolution of the dispute, and warned a further escalation could lead to a risky "miscalculation" or "misjudgment", but she also made it abundantly clear that Australia is intent on deepening ties with India as part of a US-led anti-China bloc. It threatened military action and maintained that the capabilities of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) was far superior to that of the Indian Army. "We are not going to speculate on such matters", Ross said when asked if the Pentagon fears escalation of tension between India and China.

The Indian foreign minister had reiterated India's assertion that Indian troops got involved and crossed the border from Sikkim as by building a road at Doklam, China was trying to change the status-quo of the disputed tri-junction boundary point.

"First, India's invasion of Chinese territory is a plain fact".

It asserted that India should not count on support of United States and Japan "because their support is illusory". "So the continuation of the situation is expected till November", Menon said at an interaction at the Foreign Correspondents Club in New Delhi. "China's military pressure on India will increase every day and India will end up losing face and be totally disgraced", is the editorial's parting shot.

Meanwhile, normal diplomatic meetings continue, with a senior Indian diplomat from the ministry of external affairs taking part in the meeting of policy planning leadership of BRICS countries.

Ajit Doval will go to China to attend a meeting of NSAs from BRICS countries in Beijing on July 27-28. Defence Department spokesperson Gary Ross said in a statement to the media: "We encourage India and China to engage in direct dialogue aimed at reducing tensions and free of any coercive aspects". Even as he is leaving New Delhi and being replaced by a new incumbent, Basit is up to mischief on behalf of his country.

Responding to questions, the Pentagon refused to take sides on the issue.

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