The BBC's Gender Pay Gap Is Horrifying

The BBC's Gender Pay Gap Is Horrifying

'The BBC pay row is a vivid illustration of a phenomenon that social scientists have been going on about for years, ' explained Mark Learmonth, Professor of Organisation Studies at Durham University Business School.

She added: "If the justification isn't satisfactory, equal pay claims may be taken which would not only be costly but incredibly damaging to the standing and reputation of the BBC".

The state broadcaster "fought tooth and nail" to resist revealing the sums that licence fee payers are forking out to television personalities, a ministerial source told the Daily Mail. The BBC have stressed that its overall talent bill has been reduced by more than £4m over the last financial year, to £194m.

Strictly Come Dancing presenter Claudia Winkleman is the BBC's highest paid woman, having earned between £450,000 and 499,999 over the past year.

Novelist Philip Pullman said the criticism of the BBC had been driven by the owners and editors of the country's biggest newspapers, such as the Sun and Daily Mail.

He has also defended the license fee-funded pay packets, saying: "we need to employ the very best - stars, great presenters, writers, actors correspondents". Emily Maitlis, the newsreader, Sarah Montague, the presenter of the Today programme on Radio 4, and Louise Minchin, who presents BBC Breakfast, do not earn more than £150,000 a year according to the published list.

The details of the corporation's top earning broadcasters who have a salary of over £150,000 are required to be revelled under the BBC's new Royal Charter. How do these pay packets stack up against those of the UK's top judges?

The BBC's director-general, Lord Hall, had said he intends to close the gender pay gap by 2020.

"We have set the most stretching targets in the industry for on-air diversity and we've made progress, but we recognize that there is more to do and we are pushing further and faster than any other broadcaster", he said.

There was also complaints over male bias in the salaries, with two-thirds on the list revealed to be men.

'Meeting our goal on this is going to have a profound impact not just on the BBC, but the whole media industry.

However, Conservative MP Anna Soubry described the publication of the BBC salaries as a "disgrace" that would stoke up the politics of envy.

It's been worked out that the highest paid man at the BBC, Chris Evans, was paid more than four times that of Claudia Winkleman, the BBC's highest paid woman. The reality is that the BBC today costs less in real terms than it did 20 years ago. All for less than three pounds a week. David Dimbleby and David Attenborough's salaries were likely not included because they are paid by independent production companies.

It will make it enormously hard for them to remain competitive and could mean they cannot retain talent. "And of course, we're in a market that is now even more competitive than ever".

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