Teenager arrested for opening plane emergency door and sliding down wing

Teenager arrested for opening plane emergency door and sliding down wing

The 17-year-old shocked passengers on board the Copa Airlines flight from Panama City as he flung the door open before leaping out yesterday.

The teenager, an American traveling alone, according to a police statement, ran across the airfield and was caught by a construction crew until San Francisco officers arrived.

Other passengers said the teen appeared fidgety and anxious during the seven-hour flight from Panama City.

Witnesses said it was a typical landing until the emergency door opened and the plane filled with sunlight. He was later transferred to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Yakel said.

A 17-year-old opened the emergency exit door on COPA Flight 208 and exited the aircraft onto the tarmac at San Francisco International Airport.

The 17-year-old was not identified, but the statement said he was a US citizen and traveling by himself. One passenger, Isaac Rodrigues, however, said that the door had come completely off and that a crew member had to block the entrance with her body. The boy has also been admitted a hospital so that a psychiatric evaluation can be performed. He was not injured during the incident.

The passenger, a United States citizen, was not injured and was taken into police custody. And then he just starts running the other way.

"People were yelling, 'Tell the flight attendants".

Copa Airlines said that an investigation is under way and that the airline is cooperating with authorities. After opening the emergency door, he slid down the wing and finally jumped down onto the tarmac.

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